Cheapest Cities to Rent in USA (Top 10)

Is your landlord taking advantage of you? Looking for a lower-cost rental? So, grab a notebook, whether paper or digital and see this movie through to the end. What are people doing right now? Have you looked for cheaper rent in your city on websites like craigslist or but come up empty-handed? Over 45 million people in the United States rent their living space, and it is estimated that more than half of them believe they are being overcharged. As a result, most renters are continually on the lookout for less expensive homes. It was something I used to do all the time. I’d had a lot of horrible relationships, and I decided it was better to leave than have someone show up at my house with a crowbar or anything. And because I am always looking for less rent, we will discuss ten of the cheapest cities for renters today.


These cities will grow into reputable urban hubs. The list will be based on the most popular rental unit, a one-bedroom apartment, to give you an idea of the other possibilities in any city we’re discussing. Okay, let’s see what we found.


You could probably find cheaper rent in Detroit or East St. Louis, but that would be unhealthy. Huntsville, Texas, took 10th place. That’s correct; I stated Texas, not Alabama. In a flash, around an hour’s drive north of Houston is a charming tiny city named Huntsville, which has around 40,000 people. This city offers good metrics all around, including a cost of living that is 22% lower than the national average and housing that is 11% lower than the national average. In 1836, the owners of the trading station named the city “Huntsville,” after their homeland in Alabama.


The city was founded in 1836. This is how Portland came to be known as Portland, Oregon. Sam Houston, a great politician and everything else made Huntsville his home. He was President of the Republic of Texas, Governor of Texas, Tennessee, United States Senator, and Tennessee Congressman. He died in 1863, at the age of 70, here. The man who established the trading post here was originally from Portland, Maine. The average rent for a one-bedroom property in the first three months of 2020 was $779 per month. This is not a bad deal, especially for a place with acceptable statistics and numbers.

9. Shawnee Kansas Shawnee

Number nine Shawnee Kansas Shawnee, a Kansas City suburb, is home to around 65,000 people. Kansas Shawnee is a neighborhood in Kansas City. Shawnee isn’t one of those horrible areas. The crime rate in this lovely city is around 27% lower than the national average.


The education system is strong, with a high school graduation rate of 11% higher than the national average. Shawnee isn’t one of those horrible areas. This is a lovely city. Like any other city, Kansas City has some undesirable neighborhoods, but statistically and visually, Shawnee is not one of them. Money magazine’s annual ranking of the best places to live in 2010 is online. Shawnee was ranked 17th in the country, which is rather good. Shawnee received a good ranking due to its affordable housing, air quality index, and average commute time. It’s a fantastic place to live. In Shawnee, there is also a man named Howard. He wrote me a lengthy handwritten letter opposing my Kansas video from a few years ago. He spent two hours writing a five-page letter. Howard broke that guideline by going into great detail—I mean, really detailed—on what he suggested I should do to myself.


My reaction was, “You just proved my point, Howard. You must have spent a long time composing this letter and picturing me with a dozen or so fruits and vegetables. Kansas is tedious.” Shawnee is a fantastic area to stay and do whatever you want.


The rent for a one-bedroom flat at number eight midland is merely 760 per month. I returned that letter to Howard. It was a postcard from Portland, Oregon, and I said I wished you were here. It was fantastic. Anyway, Shawnee is a fantastic place in which to live and rent whatever you want. Michigan, you’ve got a buffer of Michigan suckage right there. That’s also a bunch of nonsense; if there were prizes for cities in horrible shape, Detroit and Flint would both be in the top five since they’re so near to each other that’s how it is. How does that happen when they’re so near to one other? I know why it happens, but it’s still strange.


That can get a little chilly if you don’t tolerate harsh winters and falls. This is a terrific area to live in, and I will add that their summers are amazing. It is also a great place to live, and its crime rate is 62% lower than the national average. Their cost of living is ten times lower, and their crime rate is 62% lower. That’s wonderful considering Detroit is 340 per cent more than the national average two hours away, incredible if you don’t mind staying away from Detroit and Flint. The monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Midland is $710, while Derby number seven is in Kansas.

7.Derby, Kansas

Derby, Kansas, is a tiny city south of Wichita with about 25.000 people. The city was formed in 1903, although the name El Paso was utilized. For whatever reason, the city remained mostly a farming town for a long period. Around World War II, it began to gain traction, and the name was changed to Derby Kansas.


This is an excellent area because the crime rate is 13% lower than when the two cities united in 1900, and the entire municipality took the name Grand Rapids at the time. However, the name was changed in 1920 due to locals’ concerns that mail and other items were redirected to the more well-known Grand Rapids, Michigan. They didn’t want anyone to be confused about where they were going, so they changed the name. For example, they changed the name if someone wound up in Grand Rapids, Wisconsin, thinking they were going to Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is 27 percentage points more than the national average. However, as previously said, Detroit is around 340 percentage points higher, so this isn’t all that bad given that housing is 54 percentage points cheaper. The cost of living is six percentage points lower than the national average. The schools aren’t awful either; their graduation rate is about 12 percentage points higher than the national average, and this is where they shine.


A one-bedroom apartment in Wisconsin Rapids can be rented for as little as 630 dollars per month. Not bad for being in the top five.

5.Sierra View, Arizona

Sierra View, Arizona. If you join military intelligence, you will end up in this army post, and please stop typing. Nobody wants to hear the tired joke about military intelligence being as much of an oxymoron as gigantic shrimp. Let it go. I believe Gallagher or George Carlin remarked in the 1970s. Sierra Vista is a small town located in the Arizona desert. It is located directly outside the main gate of the United States Army’s Fort Huachuca. If you don’t like the heat, which they get a lot of, Sierra Vista is a lovely area to live. The crime rate is ten times greater here, but everything else is solid, including the rent, which is currently only 602 dollars per month on average for a one-bedroom apartment, which is not awful at all. If you move here, make sure you don’t travel too far west on Fry Boulevard because you’ll run into some guys in a little hut.

They will force you to turn around, and Ohio’s Niles. Niles is a city in Ohio located between Warren and Youngstown. Niles has a population of about 19,000 people, and one of its citizens, William McKinley, was the 25th President of the United States. Niles is a beautiful area, but its population is declining for unknown reasons. The good news is that as a result, prices in general, including rent, housing, and other living expenses, are reducing. I’ve never been to Niles, but I came across an astounding sight while researching the area using Google Street View. However, if you look at the residences, they appear to be well maintained, indicating that the inhabitants still care about this community. I’ve done a little additional research on this one. Except for jobs, all of the statistics are positive. That’s where they’re in trouble. They don’t have the best employment figures, you know. They are performing poorly in comparison to other cities.


Sidewalks are being torn up as though the city is not replacing them. The schools are good, with a 14 per cent higher graduation rate than the national average. Niles, Ohio, is a pleasant and inexpensive place to live.

4.Nile shines

It’s immaculate, where the Nile shines: a one-bedroom apartment costs only $579 per month, which is a wonderful deal. Conway, Arkansas, is located north of Little Rock and close to a bend in the Arkansas River. If you follow this channel frequently, you will notice that I spend much time criticizing the state of Arkansas. You may be wondering why I am doing so; the reason is that the place stinks. However, as I previously stated, the northwest corner of Arkansas, which contains Rogers, Springdale, and Fayetteville, is the nicest section of the state. There are jobs available there. Since the 1890 census, this city has grown. They’ve never experienced a population decrease. Therefore, their rent isn’t low because people are flooding out of this place, as is usually the case.

Texas, Greenville, Greenville, Texas, is about an hour’s drive northwest of Dallas. It is home to 30,000 people. Greenville’s unemployment rate is 30 percentage points higher than the national average in 2019, which is pretty high and probably much worse right now with all the chaos of 2020. However, if you’re moving there and you have a job you work remotely, this place is ideal, especially when you factor in the fact that the cost of living is 25 percentage points lower than the national average. The rent for a one-bedroom apartment is 530 dollars. This is a good place to move to if you want to save money and you’re bringing a job with you. No kids don’t bring kids here because their schools are horrible.

3,2,1 . Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, or Miami.

However, the cost of living here is 25% lower than the national average and rent for a one-bedroom apartment is 460 dollars a month if you’re living there and you think that’s expensive never go to Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, or Miami.



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