Questions to NEVER answer on a car lot – Car Buying Tips

If you answer these questions, I can assure you that you will be taken advantage of while purchasing your next automobile. A person who sells cars is highly perceptive; they are aware of all the pertinent questions to ask to persuade you to spend as much money as possible. In addition, a person who sells cars is also very knowledgeable, has had the right training, and works hard to perfect the art of selling. According to my husband, he paid a total of $50,000 for it, so I think I should get my money back. If you watch the entire video, I’ll explain the questions you should never answer on a vehicle lot, and if you don’t, you’ll waste your time, money, and energy in the process. How are you getting along? What brought you to this location today?

This is one of the questions you must ask the salesperson that approaches you or approaches you at the dealership slot. You must get straight to the point and explain precisely why you travelled to the dealership. Before coming here, you should have a clear understanding of your aims and wants, as well as your final goal for the purchase of a vehicle. Therefore, it is essential that you provide an answer to the question of what led you here. Indeed, it appears to be a pretty appealing automobile. Do you intend to pay in full with cash, obtain a loan, or a combination of the two? That is simply incredible. Which type of agony do you wish to endure? I would love to maintain it at $300 each month. This is essentially two questions rolled into one, but they are always asked at the same time, and you should never respond to this question while the others are being asked.


As previously said, you should never walk into a dealership and state that you will be financing or paying cash for the vehicle. If someone were to ask you this, you should keep mute and respond, “Hey, I haven’t decided yet, I haven’t decided yet.” You should avoid bringing up payment since they will place you on a card that optimizes both your monthly payment and their profit. This conversation should be avoided at all costs. Therefore, how much do you intend to deposit—five hundred dollars? What do you suppose a car salesman will do if you can’t put down $350 on this brand-new Malibu? If you have no money down, Mrs. Chevy’s is being absurd by requiring only $500 down, but this is a genuine scenario that occurs on the car lot every day. Do you have any items that you would be willing to trade?

This is the vehicle you’re trading it in for; okay, fine, how much is it worth? We’re selling my husband’s 2020 Corvette, so this is the vehicle you’re swapping it for. He is unaware of this. What are you hoping to accomplish by participating? According to my husband, he paid a total of $50,000 for it, so I think I should get my money back. Any respectable auto salesman will attempt to employ this strategy at some point. It is a typical procedure known as “trying you on.” So, when we asked you how much you think your car is worth, that was a trick we just played on you. When we stated that this automobile was worth $50,000, we were joking, but occurrences like that do occur. In my auto sales experience, if you undervalue your trade-in, the buyer is pleased because they believe they can take your automobile;

but, if you overvalue your trade-in, the consumer will inquire, “Well, where did you come up with that dollar amount?” “What kinds of research have you conducted using the Kelly Blue Book?” They will never cease throwing you curveballs in an attempt to throw you off your game. There is a proper time and place to respond to enquiries of this sort. This is not a service that is offered on the premises. It is a pleasure for me to communicate this analogy to others.


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